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We are a group of Associates that come together to buy property one of two ways, with the first being for cash.  The second is with you, the owner, allowing us to purchase and make payments towards that purchase over time.

Many times a property owner will owe more than our Business Model will allow us to pay on an all-cash basis.  That’s okay though.  Because this is how we make our living, we have an Attorney that will put together the paperwork needed for us to be able to provide a solution.  We will provide a plausible solution to purchase the property while relieving you, the owner, of the monthly debt.  If you are interested, please give us a call or complete the form below.

You allow us to provide debt relief by making some or all of the monthly payments during our Rehab Time and when the property sells, per our agreement, we all win.

Our initial paperwork will put us in a position to do our due diligence/inspections/etc.  Once the paperwork is signed, our Due Diligence Period starts, and a rigorous inspection for Repair Cost Estimates will begin with our Associates.  During this time, we will be in contact with our Attorney to check the title for liens and prepare the post due diligence paperwork to close in the office.

Full Disclosure:  You will make more, most of the time, when you work with a professional Real Estate Agent.  As Investors, we have found that when our Cash offer will not work for our sellers, there are always options such as the seller providing a form of financing. That's called Just Owner Finance.  It is not traditional; however, it is an alternative!

If you will Just Owner Finance, you don’t have To Give Away Your House! 

You don’t have to give your house away in order to sell it.  

You can sell your house quickly, get close to what you need and keep the real estate agent’s commission in your pocket, where it belongs.

My Associates and I have been successfully providing no-nonsense, practical business solutions to home sellers, just like you, for several years. Believe me, there really are plain and simple solutions to solving your challenges that are quick and painless. Together, we can create a win-win solution that will let you walk away from the closing table delighted. What’s even better than that, your risk and cost can be minimal.

Please complete the form below and then, here's what you can count on from us:

First, you can count on a prompt response.  As Real Estate Investors that make a living fixing to hold or fixing to sell, we know the importance of really hearing what you have to say.

I’m confident we can offer several solutions based on our time and experience in the business but first, we need to know everything we can about your property and your situation. We need to know what you need us to do so you can move to the next chapter in your life:  what you want, what you need and what you’re willing to do to help us create several solutions for your consideration.

Next, we will do our homework. We will analyze your unique selling situation, research the facts and create at least two to three alternatives we believe will be just right for you.

Next, we’ll show you, in writing, the possibilities we believe will work for you and explain them to your satisfaction.  If we are unable to meet this challenge, we will pay for our Attorney to consult with you to better explain our solutions.

Then, once you’re totally clear about your choices, just pick the one that suits you best and we’ll do the rest. It’s just as simple as that. Yes, we are in business to make a profit, but we don’t get paid unless and until we produce results. That’s our bottom line for win-win solutions.

Finally, let me emphasize, we will have an Attorney prepare all of the paperwork upon finalization of our Due Diligence.

Complete our interest form today and tell us about your property.